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Webcam Modeling Is A Job!

The biggest misconception about webcam modeling is that it is easy. The truth however, is that it is a job. Many models apply and think they can log on an hour here an hour there and be successful. Unfortunately it does not work like that. In order to make any type of real money you have to be willing to treat it like a job. We recommend that all of our models set aside a minimum of at least 4 hours straight a day to be able to cam. Anything less then this is honestly just a waste of your time and you will quickly find that webcam modeling is not right for you.

The hardest part about webcam modeling is learning to work for yourself. Teaching yourself to be disciplined is very important. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you will find that getting on at the same time everyday is very important. Doing this not only lets your customers know what time they can find you everyday, but it also allows you to have a life outside of cam just as you would working any other 9 to 5. 

Although some days on cam can seem slow, it's how you handle those days that matter the most. Many models log off when it's slow and try again another day. This however is one of the worst things that you can do as a model. Use the slow days to get to know your customers. Taking the time to build online relationships with them is very important. Many customers prefer to get to know the model first before they decide to go into a private show. You will find that the more you are on, the more online relationships you will build.

Remember, every top model on the site was once new. However, if they had never taken the time to work a schedule and build a solid customer base then they would never have found out just how much money there really is in webcam modeling. Our top models are averaging 6 figures plus a year on our network. You could easily be next with a little discipline and hard work.